The bay of Cavalaire

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All year long, just like most of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez’s towns, the town Cavalaire-Sur-Mer has really nice weather. We don’t say that Cavalaire is paradise for ocean lovers for nothing, with its bay, protected by hills covered with trees and bordered with fine sand beaches. A place that is very popular for water sports amateurs that find their joy in the beautiful beaches. Going to Cavalaire is being sure you will take advantage of a nice walk on the beach, and having a nice lunch at a restaurant on a sunny terrace.

At Cavalaire, there are inescapable places, you cannot miss. They are: the fish market that takes place everyday, the provencale market that takes place every week (on Wednesdays). And on the port of Cavalaire, there is the famous Casino.
You can also discover the calanques by boat, the ocean floors in sea-scopes and take advantage of the coastal walks.


A town with history

For the history of this town of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, you should know that it’s probably an old Phoenician colony called Heraclea Caccabaria. We can also find some vestiges of a Gallo-Roman occupation at Pardigon. The town was detached from Gassin in 1929. The village is place on the old train tracs going from Saint-Raphael to Toulon (also called the Pignes train sometimes), now vanished. Although we can still see where the old train tracs used to be and even follow them for quite a long ways on the coast from the Lavandou to Saint-Raphael, there is even a “Path of the Pignes train” in Cavalaire. In 1895, the construction of the Pignes train will favor its development. The town becomes independent in 1929. August 15th 1944, it’s the Landing in Provence’s theatre. Tourism will then favorise its development.

All of these things make Cavalaire one of the main touristic attraction of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.